The Types and Causes of Rising Damp

Blog |January 28th, 2015

Unfortunately, rising damp takes various forms and has several potential causes. Treating rising damp in Sydney depends on the nature of the cause and type of problem. At Damp Controllers, we’ve had three decades of experience dealing with rising damp in Sydney and have seen every conceivable cause for the issue and the full range of damage extent. As such, we are regarded as the experts in Sydney rising damp and can share some of the more common reasons for an issue in your home.

In humid Sydney rising damp is often due to condensation. This is generally the result of a lack of ventilation in your home and is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. This type of damp issue will likely be easier to remedy than others, as adding some ventilation and perhaps undertaking some replastering work will be sufficient.

Penetrating Damp
This is a more pervasive problem, often caused by leaking, broken or blocked plumbing in the house or water seeping inside from the external world. In some cases, the solution may be as simple as fixing a faulty pipe, but in other instances may require more extensive rising damp treatment. This may include the construction of a concrete seal around or under your house, or a damp proofing course.

Rising Damp
More complex than the other varieties, this is often the result of damaged, faulty or non-existent damp proof courses. New houses are required to include a course as part of the building process, but these can become ineffective over time. Older houses may not have ever have had a damp proof course and are highly susceptible to rising damp in Sydney. Depending on the extent of your problem, you may need repairs or a replacement course.

Now, for the good news. Efficient and effective rising damp treatment is available. The task may seem daunting, but the team at Damp Controllers has decades of experiences and vast reserves of knowledge to draw upon when developing and implementing treatments for rising damp in Sydney. We can inspect your house, search for symptoms and identify the source of your problem. We will then formulate the most cost-effective and efficient plan, tailored to your house and schedule. Any existing problem will only get worse, so it makes sense to fix the problem at the very first sign of damage or excess moisture.

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