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waterproofing to protect against mould and damp related problems

Damp Proofing refers to constructing a waterproof layer into the base of a wall to prevent ground water from being absorbed into the home. When such a physical damp proof course is rendered ineffective due to damage, salt attack or building alterations, then it is possible to stop the rising damp by installing a remedial damp proof course (DPC) followed by re-plastering of the wall.
Our team at Damp Controllers are providers of remedial Damp Proofing in Sydney and have years of expertise in the diagnosis of rising damp and its treatment.

We follow a meticulous and environment friendly approach for damp proofing. The DPC used is a water based cream that is odourless, non toxic in nature and contains no hydrocarbon solvent. The process involves injecting the cream into masonry, followed by re-rendering any plastering that comes out as a result of the installation process.

Effects of rising damp. Damp control will help stop damp related issues in your home or business

Effects of Rising Damp

Rising damp not just makes the whole property look cold and unappealing, but has a plethora of other adverse effects including aggravating respiratory problems and the emergence of mould and mites. Hence it is very crucial to take measures for the treatment of rising damp as early as possible.

Damp controllers fixing your damp related issues Sydney, NSW

Our Approach

Once we receive the contract, our skilled crew reaches the client’s home for a SITE INSPECTION. The source of rising damp is diagnosed and based on that an effective treatment plan is devised. The damp proofing treatment is then carried out effectively and without much disruption. Post the treatment, we re-render any plastering that has come off and leave with a promise of unconditional post installation support.

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