Why Rising Damp Can Cause Respiratory Problems

Blog |November 7th, 2017

Rising damp is a condition that causes excess moisture to accumulate not only in the structure’s foundation but also in the rest of it. The problem with this is that the structure can suffer damage to the point of the foundation, framework and walls weakening, but also your health may be negatively affected since this condition can cause you and others who enter your home or building to have respiratory problems. We examine why the latter happens in the following facts.

Mould Thrives in Moist Conditions

Mould needs moisture to grow and thrive, and it will spread quickly throughout a structure when conditions are ideal. Mould multiplies by producing spores that can travel through the air. As people inhale, they can inadvertently breathe in the spores. Many are allergic to mould and will develop respiratory ailments that range from allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks to respiratory infections.

Bacteria Lurk in Damp Places

Damp sections of a structure can be breeding grounds for bacteria. This unsavoury element loves to grow in moist areas with plenty of organic matter such as the wood and plasterboard in the structure. Bacteria actually can cause respiratory infections in people that will be difficult to cure as long as they come into contact with the bacteria.

Moist Environments Attract Dust Mites

Another problem that occurs in moist environments is the fact that the dust mites thrive in them, especially when it is also warm. These mites are a known cause of allergic reactions such as sneezing, breathing issues, itchy eyes, stuffy nose and even asthma attacks. You must reduce the moisture in the structure to reduce the risk of dust mites.

Rising Damp Can Attract Mice, Rats and Other Pests

The rising damp will attract a variety of pests, including mice and rats. These critters defecate throughout your structure and many times, in hidden places where you cannot notice their presence. Their feces, though, carry germs and other pathogens and the longer they stay in your structure, the higher the risk that you and others will suffer respiratory issues, some of which may be quite severe. Mice and rats are not the easiest critters to rid yourself of either, so it is better to prevent them from liking your structure in the first place.

Rely on Damp Controllers to learn additional facts about why rising damp can cause respiratory problems. We provide effective damp proofing by applying a layer of waterproof material into the wall’s base to prevent the absorption of ground water. Also, we can install a sub-floor ventilation system to further assist in the prevention of rising damp.

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