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We have worked with a wide variety of clients from home owners to rentals who had damp or mould issues at home. We also have tie ups with various real estate agents, and help their clients that are facing damping concerns.

Being a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), we stay updated with the latest industrial developments and apply the best available technology and tools in offering our services.

We work with several building companies including Capital Building and Monterey Group, and deliver excellent damp controlling services to their clients. Having around 30 years of building trade experience, we are widely recognized across the industry and have a big clientele. Our knowledge of building structures is very remarkable when diagnosing problems related to damping.

Whether we work with home owners, builders or real estate agents- we always undertake the entire job of damp control in our hands- from supplying required appliances and products, and installing them at the client’s site to providing post installation support. Our qualified and experienced crew takes care of everything on the client’s site.

We offer free assessments and advice in relation to rising damp, provide obligation free quotes for damp control in Sydney metropolitan areas and also provide services in a few rural areas in Sydney.

Please call us on 0431 55 04 06 and we shall be delighted to help you.