What Happens When Rising Damp Is Ignored?

Blog |September 7th, 2017

Rising damp or salt damp occurs in structures with malfunctioning or insufficient moisture prevention. The dampness will continue up the foundation and into the other parts of the house when left alone. For this reason, you must act quickly when you see the first signs of this occurring in your structure. We provide you with the following list of issues that will happen if you ignore salt damp.

1. Concrete, stonework or brick mortar will crumble if it absorbs sufficient moisture or damp. As a result, the foundation or exterior elements of your structure can lose their stability.

2. Stains, watermarks or white powder can appear on the walls due to the salts in the damp. These happen during the early stages of the rising damp when it first hits the walls, but later, you could face softening plasterboard that can give way.

3. Wallpaper will loosen from the walls and paint will not adhere in the proper manner since the walls contain excessive moisture.

4. Mould can begin to grow and spread on the walls, furniture, floor and any other parts of the house since it loves damp conditions. It only takes a small amount of mould spores feeding on the moisture and organic elements in your structure for a major infestation to occur that requires expert removal. Since mould does feed on the wood framework and plasterboard, your structure will begin to deteriorate as the mould spreads. Mould also causes respiratory issues for all who use or visit your structure.

5. Plaster will flake off various d├ęcor elements and the walls when moisture rises up through your structure.

6. Floorboards, skirting boards, door frames and window frames will swell and decay when they are of timber or moisture-susceptible materials. All of these elements will need replacing when this happens, and this can add up cost wise.

7. Metallic elements, such as fasteners, can rust if they are not galvanised or otherwise protected from the moisture. This may make parts of the structure to separate if the rust is too severe on the fasteners.

8. Musty odours will show up in the building and make it unpleasant to breathe in the air.

9. Your property can lose part or all of its value if you fail to take the proper actions to resolve the rising damp.

To learn other facts about what happens when rising damp is ignored, contact our company, Damp Controllers. We specialise in damp proofing and treating the issue of rising damp in the Sydney area of Australia.

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