Symptoms of Rising Damp

Blog |January 21st, 2015

There are few sights worse for a home owner than noticing what looks like a tidal line creeping up the walls of your house. Like a tidal line, this is residual moisture, but unlike a tide, it won’t recede naturally. The line is a sure sign your house has rising damp, an issue that can cause damage to your house and compromise your health. This high water line, however, is not the only sign of rising damp in Sydney. As the local experts in rising damp treatment, Damp Controllers know all the symptoms of rising damp and would like to share with you the telltale signs that your house is at risk.

Visible Moisture
As mentioned above, rising damp in Sydney can be, quite literally, seen moving slowly up your walls. The surface appears stained and darker in the affected area and is topped by a line of salt deposits.

Wall Disrepair
Aside from the tidal line, your walls may show other signs that they need treating for rising damp in Sydney. Wallpaper and plaster might develop cracks, bubble or peel and mortar might crumble as it becomes saturated. Paint is also likely to start crumbling and flaking, or may develop a shiny appearance.

Board and Frame Damage
In Sydney rising damp can also become apparent in floorboards and skirting boards. These have a tendency to warp or rot as water seeps into the timber. Similarly, your door and window frames may become misshapen or swollen with the presence of water.

Fittings and Furnishings
It’s not only the structural elements of a house that display symptoms of rising damp in Sydney. Hinges, nails, screws or any other metallic fitting may show signs of oxidisation. Look for rusting, discolouration such as verdigris, and crumbling. Artwork, furniture and carpet may also show similar signs to other affected surfaces, depending on the materials they are made from.

In Sydney rising damp is a common problem and if any or many of the above symptoms are present at your house, there is a high chance your house is affected. If this is the case, you need expert assessment to uncover the extent of your problem and the source. Only then can an effective treatment plan be developed and implemented. Regardless of the extent, Damp Controllers are the regional specialists at diagnosing and treating rising damp in Sydney. Get in touch now and start to regain control of your house.

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