Summer Weather and Subfloor Ventilation for Sydney

Blog |October 21st, 2016

Much of the city took note the past week, when we finally began to feel the warm weather beginning to return to our humble city. The beaches will soon be crowded with warm bodies, the mercury will rise to uncomfortable new heights, and the dry air from the west will envelope the city once again. After this long and damp winter, this treat feels well-earned.

The high amount of precipitation that we experienced throughout the course of the winter this past season has left its mark upon Sydney’s houses. The remarkable percentage of homes affected by rising damp has only increased this winter, with more and more walls in Sydney beginning to show the signs of being impacted by water ingress. Older homes, particularly those with inferior or worn damp courses, are the first to begin to show signs of trouble.

Luckily, the warm weather is on our side. This blast of hot, dry air, with a bit of encouragement from your friends at Damp Controllers, can dry out your moist walls, and solve the problem at its source. Our talented team can install ventilation systems to dry out your subfloor, and prevent the issue from spreading further in your home.

Providing proper subfloor ventilation at your Sydney home replaces any prevailing moisture with the freshest and driest product, straight from the Australian outback. Doing so will reverse the impact of winter precipitation, stopping it in its tracks before it reaches your walls, and allowing your home to dry properly this summer.

A move to prevent water ingress through porous walls should still be considered as a top priority, but your first steps should be to prevent moisture from becoming a part of your homes’ atmosphere. And Damp Controllers can help you to beat rising damp in your home this spring. Contact us for your free appraisal today.

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