Signs That Your Home May Be Contaminated With Moulds

Blog |October 22nd, 2017

Often times, homeowners live side by side with mould without knowing it since it can grow in hidden places as well as visible ones. If their homes are overly damp, it only takes a few mould spores for a problem with mould to grow and thrive. The issue with this is that mould can contaminate a home to the point of making the inhabitants sick. It also may damage the structural integrity of the house since it will feed on the wood framework and other structural components. To safeguard your house, read the following signs that this problem is present in your residence.

Musty Odours in the House

Mould gives off a distinctive musty odour when it is growing in your home. As the mould growth enlarges, this odour can be nauseated to smell. Just think of the times you have had mould in your refrigerator when you leave leftovers too long to visualise how smelly this problem can be for you.

An Increase in Respiratory or Other Health Issues

If you or your family members are suffering with respiratory or other health issues more than usual, the cause may be mould growth. Examples of these issues include sneezing, watery eyes, tightening of the throat, sore throat, chest congestion, muddled thinking and even asthma attacks. The doctor may not be able to prescribe the right remedy unless you know there is mould in your house.

Visual Mould Growth on the Walls or Other Areas of the House

Mould growth on walls or other parts of the house can look like specks of colours ranging from pink to black. Green mould may be one of many types of mould while other colours identify the type of mould such as black can be Alternaria, and it can be a trigger for asthma in some cases. Also, mould may have a fuzzy texture to it.

Structural Damage

If mould growth is severe before you discover where it is, you may have structural damage. Mould feeds on wood, plasterboard and other organic materials that are in your home’s structure. After awhile, this feeding weakens the house’s structural integrity. The cost will be high to repair this type of damage.

For additional info about the signs that your home may be contaminated with moulds, contact Damp Controllers. We install non-toxic damp proofing, brass wire vents, ducting, fans and sub-floor ventilation systems along with providing post installation support. Our company will come to your house and assess it to recommend and enact a course of action to reduce the dampness or damp rising, which is a major cause for mould in a house.

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