Risks Involved When You Don’t Have Subfloor Ventilation

Blog |January 22nd, 2018

If you consider your home your kingdom, wouldn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to keep the building in great shape? At Damp Controllers, we believe in setting up our customers to succeed. One of the easiest ways to help someone succeed is by teaching them what problems they can avoid with a little bit of preparation. Today’s focus will be on the value of subfloor ventilation and how not having it can dramatically, and negatively, impact your home. Subfloor ventilation may not be an appealing topic, but it is one that every homeowner owes it to themselves to become familiar with.

Importance of Subfloor Ventilation

When you walk into your home it is obviously incredibly important that you have proper ventilation. That is why we take so much time to pick out the right windows, the right doors, and the right HVAC systems. We obviously care that airflow is controlled and effective. What most people don’t realise is that airflow is also incredibly important underneath your homes, as well.

Many homes in Australia are built with suspended flooring, typically timber floors. This subfloor area needs to be properly ventilated if you want to have a home that ages with grace and stays safe throughout the process. Put simply, if you ignore subfloor ventilation now then you are going to run into some very serious problems in the future. We firmly believe in taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to these potential problems. What are those problems? We’re glad that you asked.

Risks of Ignoring Subfloor Ventilation

If you decide to forego paying attention to your subfloor ventilation, you are going to be introducing a host of new issues to your home. One of the most common, and damaging issues, is the problem of moisture. Moisture can get into the area below your home with relative ease. Moisture can get into the subfloor area by way of the weather outside or from an inside source. In any event, moisture in a sealed dark space can lead to some very obvious problems such as mould and bacterial growth.

Outside of mould, you also have to be considered with the potential for a deadly gas buildup. Think of methane leaking from the ground and becoming trapped beneath your home. Not ideal, right? With this in mind, consider opting to have subfloor ventilation installed at your earliest convenience. With years of experience, our professional technicians can be scheduled to come out for an analysis and an appraisal in order to set you on the path to security and safety.

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