Reasons Why You Should Damp Proof Your Home

Blog |September 27th, 2017

When you own a house, there are many aspects of it that require constant care to ensure that it stays in ideal condition. An example of this is the prevention of rising damp coming up the foundation walls and at times up into the other parts of the house. The only way to safeguard your home is by damp proofing it in the correct manner. We share the following main reasons that you should never neglect performing this action to your house whenever it is necessary.

Prevents Water Damage to the Foundation

The first thing damp proofing accomplishes is that it prevents damage to the foundation from excess moisture. Since the foundation is of concrete, it is porous in nature and absorbs moisture similar to a sponge without the proper precautions. This moisture travels up the concrete into the other sections of the house.

Ensures That the Walls, Ceilings and Sub-floors Will Stay Sound

Damp proofing not only protects the foundation but also ensures that the walls, ceilings and sub-floors will remain sound and sturdy. If dampness seeps into these sections of your home, it may cause the walls and floors to partially or fully collapse depending on the severity of the rising damp.

Keeps Mould from Thriving

Mould similar to damp is an enemy to your house. In fact, mould spores require moisture to thrive and multiply, so when you have an issue with rising damp, you also can wind up with mould infestation. Also, mould feeds off the organic elements of your home such as the foundation, timber structural components, and plasterboard on the walls and ceilings. Typically, it takes professional assistance to rid your house of mould when it is severe. Along with mould, you may suffer musty odours throughout the house.

Protects the Value of Your Home

When you damp proof your house, you protect its value. A house with the above issues will not bring a fair market price if you need to sell it. You will need to sell it at an extremely low price, which may cost you all your profit. For this reason and to prevent all of the above issues, it is imperative that you damp proof your home.

Consult with Damp Controllers to learn additional reasons why you should damp proof your house. We specialise in installing sub-floor ventilation systems that help control the symptoms of rising damp, including musty odours, wetness and mould growth. By properly ventilating the air, you can remove excess moisture from your house’s interior foundation area. Our company customizes your system to address your unique needs.

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