Reasons Why Subfloor Ventilation Installation Is Critical and Not a DIY Job

Blog |January 30th, 2018

If a professional has determined that your house needs a subfloor ventilation system installed in your house, you may think that you can DIY it to save some cash. The truth is that this is a job that only professionals should tackle to ensure that the results are as functional as necessary to protect your home, and that it is durable and high quality. Experts will not overlook any important detail during a subfloor ventilation installation like you may, and it is critical that all aspects of this type of system operates in the correct manner to avoid issues such as mould, structural deterioration and termites. Also, when you make certain that professionals install this system properly, you will not need to contend with the following additional expenses with your home.

Mould Remediation for Your Subfloor

When your home lacks correct subfloor ventilation, mould can start to grow and feed off the organic materials in the house. In addition, mould gives off a musty, unpleasant odour. This happens due to the fact of the moisture accumulating in your house since there is not sufficient air movement to prevent it. Mould remediation is the only solution for this problem and can be quite expensive if your problem is severe.

House Repairs and Possible Reconstruction

Along with mould being a possible issue, access moisture can cause the wood, plasterboard and other structural elements to soften and weaken. When issues such as this happen, the house can become unsafe to live in since the floors, walls and ceilings can give way. Also, the foundation even can crumble, which can affect the entire house. Major repairs or reconstruction will be necessary to return the house to the proper, sturdy condition for daily use.

Termite Treatment and Damage Repair

Another issue with poor subfloor ventilation is that the moisture will attract termites. Termites eat through wood at an alarming rate and will not stop at just one subfloor. The subfloors may just develop a squeak at first, but as the damage continues the subfloors can begin to sag and pull away from the floor coverings. Also, if you have hardwood flooring, termites will infest that as well as your subflooring. On top of the other issues, this problem will cost you large amounts of cash to cure.

Turn to Damp Controllers to learn additional information about why subfloor ventilation is critical and not a DIY job for homeowners. We are experts in this area along with damp proofing and other services. Our crews will skillfully perform your install to ensure that it is durable and highly functional.

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