Prevent Moisture and Moulds with Subfloor Ventilation

Blog |February 14th, 2018

At Damp Controllers, we have made it our mission to help set our customers up for success by helping to prevent issues of damp and mould. Located in Sydney and servicing the rest of the metropolitan area, we’ve made it our business to educate customers on the importance of subfloor ventilation. Today, we are going to teach you how subfloor ventilation can make a difference in your home while also informing you of the different risks involved with potentially ignoring the importance of proper ventilation.

What is Subfloor Ventilation?

We’re going to start off our lesson for the day by getting the most important aspect out of the way first. What is subfloor ventilation? Subfloor ventilation is when you install a special kind of ventilation beneath your floors so as to constantly vent out problematic moisture while replacing it with clean, dry air. The goal here is simple: to keep the vulnerable areas beneath your flooring safe from the problems that excess moisture can present.

There are many ways to add in ventilation to your subfloor areas in order to maximise the turnaround of moist-to-dry air. The most common subfloor ventilation systems will include fans that suck out the moist air while pumping in the dry air.

What problems arise from lack of ventilation?

When you don’t have proper subfloor ventilation, you run the risk of having moisture completely play havoc on your flooring. Excess moisture can lead to a host of problems that will haunt you as a homeowner while completely wrecking your bank account at the same time. Here are a few of the most common moisture-related problems that you will run into:

1) Mould – Moisture beneath your flooring will bring mould and mildew. Having mould or mildew in your home can lead to a host of respiratory and long-term health issues.

2) Foundation Rot – If your home, typically new-construction, has timber in its foundation then you are going to be up against time to prevent disaster from striking. Timbers can rot by way of moisture and this will lead to foundation issues in your home — a sentence you never want to hear as a homeowner.

3) Pets – Finally, mould and mildew will also bring about pests. Termites, in particular, will come along to do major damage to your rotting timber.

With over thirty years in the industry, our team here at Damp Controllers can help lead you to the system that makes the most sense for your home. Don’t let moisture get to the foundation of your home, call for a quote and assessment today.

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