On-Site Inspection before Mould Cleaning and Removal

Blog |November 1st, 2017

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in a moist, warm environment inside a structure when there is inadequate ventilation or damp rising. Common places for this to occur are the basement or crawlspace, bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens, but any area of the house can be a breeding ground for mould when conditions are right. Professionals can remove mould in an effective manner and provide you with preventative measures to ensure that it does not come back. Prior to the removal, though, professionals need to perform an on-site inspection to analyse your specific situation.

Why an On-Site Inspection for Mould Is Important

Professionals need to determine the exact cause of mould since numerous reasons are possible. A leaky roof can cause mould in the attic, damp rising moves from the foundation of the house upwards and is another cause, and leaky pipes are yet another reason. Also, inadequate ventilation can be a contributing factor in all of these cases and in damp climates.

The Removal Process

While the removal process differs between companies, it will include the elimination of all visible mould infestations on walls, ceilings, tiles, and other hard surfaces, including the concrete foundation. If necessary the area may receive an additional treatment to kill off any leftover mould spores to keep the mould from returning immediately after the removal process. However, this is only a small part of preventing the issue from returning. Read the next section for further details.

Other Available Preventative Measures

Two other preventative measures are highly effective in preventing mould, namely damp proofing and the installation of a sub-floor ventilation system. Both reduce the moisture content inside a structure to make the environment less inviting to mould growth.

• Damp proofing is the process of placing a waterproof coating on the foundation walls to prevent damp rising from occurring.

• Sub-floor ventilation systems keep the air flowing appropriately to keep the structure dry and safe from damage from damp rising and mould growth.

Act Quickly When You Notice Mould Growth

You need to act quickly when you first see any mould growth in your structure. If you ignore it, mould spores spread and enlarge the problem, which can cost you additional funds to clear up.

Where to Turn for Professional Mould Cleaning and Removal in Sydney, Australia

If you are in the Sydney area of Australia, turn to Damp Controllers for an on-site inspection before mould cleaning and removal. We provide you with free assessments, guidance and quotes for your specific situation along with non-toxic damp proofing, sub-floor ventilation systems and other services.

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