How a Subfloor Ventilation System Can Provide a Healthier Home Environment

Blog |October 11th, 2017

To prevent unnecessary dampness and the negative results from it in your home, you need to take preventative measures at your house. While providing the interior of the foundation with a waterproof layer on the walls is a start, adding a subfloor ventilation system enhances your damp-proofing efforts in a highly efficient fashion. In fact, a system such as this helps to create a healthier home environment. For your convenience, we offer you further facts about how this system accomplishes this task in the following details.

What Is a Subfloor Ventilation System?

A system for subfloor ventilation works in a similar manner as the ones for roof ventilation do in that it allows fresh, dry air into the under-floor area to force the damp air from this area. It utilizes fans or pumps, moisture-resistant ducts and sound-insulated ducting to perform its function. When you install this type of system in your house, you prevent the build-up of moisture from occurring inside the house.

How Excessive Dampness Affects the Structural Integrity of Your House

Without the correct ventilation and other damp-proofing methods, the excessive dampness slowly can ruin the structural integrity of your home. First, it will cause the foundation to weaken to the point of cracking or even crumbling, but then, it will seep into the wood framework of the walls, subfloors and even ceilings, and this can lead to premature rotting. Repairing damage such as this is expensive and time-consuming.

Installing a Subfloor Ventilation System Keeps Your Home Environment Healthy for All Who Enter It

Excess moisture in a home can also cause mould and mildew to grow and thrive on top of the above structural damage. When people live in houses where either is present, they can develop respiratory and other health issues. Also, dampness is an ideal breeding ground for disease-causing pathogens, which can negatively affect a person’s health and well-being. By installing a subfloor ventilation system, you minimise the amount of moisture in your house to the point where mould and mildew will not proliferate and as a result, you will ensure a healthier home environment for you, your family, and your guests.

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